Best 11 love images with wordings in 2018|quotes about love and life|romantic love quotes|short love quotes

Best 11 love images with wordings in 2018|quotes about love and life|romantic love quotes|short love quotes

Love images with the wordings really  has its uniqueness in these days.When I was surfing for the love images with wordings in 2018, I made a collection of best 11 pictures with quotes of love and life and that should be known to all the persons who surf about romantic love quotes or best love quotes and short love quotes.

The collection of those best 11 love images with wordings are given below with their meanings that will make you feel better in love and sad situations too.before going to the below I would like to state that to some of these pictures are from the Facebook page named as Love it happens

#Top 1

“LOVE” the word itself describes

L:-Listen to each other

O:-Open your heart

V:-Value your union

E:-Express your trust…..

love meaning|love it happens


This means the word “LOVE” means listening to each other at the bad moments too and.when you are in love you have to be open hearted.You should always care and value your love and also you have to trust on your partner blindly.

#Top 2

“The happiness of her is more important than your own”.

love images with wordings


which defines that if you have love for someone then their happiness will be more important to will never care about your happiness you will always try to make him/her happy.


If someone ask what a beautiful life means,….

I would lean on your shoulder and hold you close to me, and answer

Like this”

love it happens

love images with wordings



This love images with wordings means that if your love Is with you at each and every moment of your life then that one will be the best and the beautiful life for a person.


“I LOVE YOU”these three magical words

makes me crazy whenever I hear it from you….

i love you

#meaning love quotes

When someone listens “I LOVE YOU” from the person who love it gives a crazy feelings and makes them feel better.

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 this love images with wording is based on the love vs the society

i don’t care about the society

But I care about you because

you are mine but the society is not

love images with wordings sad quotes


this love quote means that when you are in love then they became more important for you than the society because the society never support the love that’s why you should care for your loved ones but never for the society’s thinking.


“the hardest thing to to is watch

the one you love ,Love someone else”


love it happens love images

 this sad love quote and the love images with wordings says that the most hardest thing is when you are loving someone and she/he loves someones else without caring for your love.Always this type of love triangle gives pain to the one sided lovers.


“A heart without love is useless,

As a home without love is bitterness.

love images with wordings


This sad love quote and the love images with wordings means that as if a home without love is not a valuable and peaceful home the heart without love is also same and a person whose heart is without love is considered as a dead person.


The phenomena of changing ‘I LOVE YOU’

into ‘I LOVED YOU’ is called fake love

love images with wordings


This love quotes is based on the fake love when two souls love each other is known as pure love/true love but when the love is immature and there may be a break up is called fake love and in this place the word I love you can be changed into I loved you at any time and any moment.


They are not meeting on every weekend,but they are meeting on each evening

{video calls made each easy}

distance relationships and video call quotes and images


This is the stage of a distance relationship which shows that they are apart from each other by the place that’s why they can’t meet on weekends but by the video calls they are meeting each other on each day that makes them feel better and to love each other the video call they stare at each other and love each other more.


forever is not a phrase worth saying, forever is a promise worth living.

love forever images with wordings


 This love images with wordings defines that saying I love you and promising to stay forever is not worth at all it is all about keeping the promise and staying forever with your loved one.


What is the purest form of love?

I answered…..always keeping them in your prayers is the purest love

true love images with wordings


This love quote defines the love that when you have true love for someone then you always remember them in your prayers that’s the actual love for your partner and helps them to succeed in their life.

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